Please note that the shipping charges are appearing as $0.00. After the order is packed, we MANUALLY calculate the shipping based on your zip code and weight and size of the package. We check both the U.S. Post Office rate and UPS through Unishippers and whatever is less, that is the rate we use for your shipment. All of our supplies are reasonably priced and as low as possible. We don’t inflate our prices to compensate for a flat shipping fee. We don’t charge a handling fee and only charge what we are charged for shipping by the post office or UPS. Your order will automatically go out if all products are in stock the same day without contacting you. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE SHIPPING CHARGES PRIOR TO US SHIPPING, PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU BY PHONE OR EMAIL AND NOTHING WILL BE CHARGED UNLESS WE HAVE YOUR APPROVAL. Thank you for your order!